Walk a Mile…




My Mom always used to remind me as a child to not judge and walk a mile in another shoes, she also mentioned no matter how bad life got there was always someone else worse off.

She often quoted the saying, “I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet.” I feel both those christian ideals helped to keep her focused and humble.

I haven’t done as well in my life but yesterday sitting in the Cancer Unit in Saskatoon the ideals came back to me vividly.

As Don went through his second set of radiation treatment I began to speak to others in the waiting room, comparing stories and treatments.

We had made the decision to travel up to the city (a one hour drive each way for the 5 days of his treatment) hard but doable, we like sleeping in our own beds!


The others in the room though didn’t have much choice. two other men were there for 40 radiation treatments, one husband and wife traveled 1 hr and 40 minutes each way so they were staying at the Cancer Lodge, another gentleman lived 2 1/2 hrs from the clinic, he too was staying at the lodge. I felt both very blessed and embarrassed for even thinking our lot was so bad, like Mom said there is always someone else in worse shape.

Here we were surrounded by the love of family and friends, prayers for healing coming in from all over the globe, a God who cares so much and carries you through the tough times and heals, supported by incredible doctors and nurses, help at anytime just a phone call away…truly we are so blessed!

Please pray with me for those gentleman and the others in Cancer clinic – they really need our prayers!