Planning for Peace



With all that has been happening in our lives of late I often get asked, “What are your Plans?”, I find it an uncomfortable question because it implies change – something I don’t particularly like, and I’ve tried many times to come up with an answer that “fits”, mostly without success until this week.

I’ve been blessed to have many people cycle into my life and recently a gentleman, a gifted counselor has been connecting with me. This week we spoke of peace. At the sound of the very word, I instantly relax.

It is a state where we all long to be… free from worry, distress, anxiety, frustration and anger.

I know for me, peace and joy are completely linked, when I am in the state of peace, joy flows.

So peace has now become my plan,my ultimate goal, There are many projects that need doing, housing, the church washroom, the church library, carpentry, sorting- just regular living…but they are no longer my focus, because each project comes with its own set of problems, issues and areas of planning – but they can all lead to stress, and the feeling of not being successful when they are not moving forward.

Years ago, Sister Ivy Read and I took a wonderful trip down east, and we learned a valuable lesson- to live in the moment- a lesson I confess that at times has been hard to keep in the forefront of my mind and life, but when I do – peace is the result.

For me living in the moment is so important, I can’t change my past (though there are many things I would have liked to) I can’t focus on the mistakes, the pain or even the victories and accomplishments – so I let the blood cover all and leave it in Jesus’ capable hands. The future especially in today’s world can be a scary place with so much uncertainty, Pastor’s and my illnesses can easily produce the sin of worry if I focus on where we will be, where will we live, how can we manage and as a result produces a LOT of stress so I’m choosing to give that over to Jesus knowing he is our help our support and comfort and he has never failed us in the past and won’t fail us in our future.

So living in the moment is the only clear choice for me, looking around this room, it is a pleasant place, cool compared to the heat outside, quiet and comforting, there is no stress, no pain and no pressure to perform or to be anything other than what I am – it is a real place of peace. Jesus and me, sipping coffee, enjoying the morning and loving the moment, connecting with you.

Yes, this is a place where I want to live, in the moment, in peace, in joy.

This is where I want to be…

So what are my plans? I’m planning for peace.

“Those who plan peace have joy. Prov.12:20b ESV