Happy Canada Day


Happy Canada Day!


God, keep our Land…


My 4th Great grandfather was the first Premier in New Brunswick after Confederation, and our family was well represented as we helped to build and shape this great country and nation. I am so thankful to all they have done and accomplished.


From even before Confederation, with Native and English roots on my Mothers side, Loyalists, English, and Scotch-Irish on my Fathers with Normandy and France making an appearance in the family tree through the kings of England, back in 1066 and beyond, Canada was established and built by my ancestors, the Native, the French and the English.

On the morning of Confederation, the birthday of Canada, Mr Tilley, a cousin, gave Canada her motto from the book of Psalms and it stated that Almighty God would be the true source of all of our strength and hope as a country and dedicated this land to him.

Psalm 72:8 “He shall have dominion also from sea to sea”

The great builders of this country handed down both good and bad as all legacies go, but I thank God for Canada’s roots and pray she may continue to serve the Lord in ages to come, and that the Lord will continue to have dominion from sea to sea to continue to give her great strength and grace, and that she will remain the true north, strong and free.

For it was the Lord by her side that helped her to overcome so much tragedy and pain by men who would have destroyed her Native roots, it was faith and prayer that helped her win her battles and her freedom which included victories in two world wars, it was the Lord who visited her time and time again bringing her close to him.

It was the nationwide, powerful Apostolic and Christian revivals of the 1917’s, 1940’s and 1980’s from Newfoundland to BC, to the Far North that shaped our nation, and gave us great morals and the solid values of honesty, integrity, fairness, that produced the programs necessary to care for our sick, our poor and needy and built great tolerance and compassion into our very national fiber and allowed the stranger to find refuge under her wings, regardless of their nationality, color, religion or creed.

It was the teachings of Christianity, built upon the Judean-Christian Bible, that was quietly observed in the hearts of most of her citizens, that helped us as a nation begin early and young to honour our parents, that gave us respect for law and order and godly authority, and produced loyalty to our Queen and country.

It was the Christ of Christianity that built hope within our nation that better times would come, and gave us the courage to forgive, reconcile, and allowed us all to dream again of a better hope and an even better future.

Long may Canada hold on to her promises from the one who is the lover of her soul…

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

@Lois McQuinn