Apostolic Resources and Links

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Not all of these Ministries are available at each local church so speak to your Pastor if you find a ministry that interests you.

Endorsed YouTube Channels and Websites


The Outlook Gospel Lighthouse


Special Space


Sudbury UPC


Capital Community Church



The Pentecostals of Alexandria




Apostolic Iron


Children’s Ministries

B.R.E.A.D. Program

Children’s Disaster Relief Fund

Children’s Ministries Main

Children’s Ministry Association

Junior Bible Quizzing

Church Administration Ministries
Family Ministries Council
Men’s Ministries

Music Ministry

My Hope Radio

Points of Refuge
World Network of Prayer

Church Advancement

Building the Bridge Ministries
Church Advancement Main

Multicultural Ministries

Single Adult Ministry

Women in Ministry Network

Division of Publications

Pentecostal Life

Pentecostal Publishing House

Apostolic Bible Institute

Centro Teológico Ministerial

Christian Life College

Genesis Institute of Theology, Evangelism & Leadership

Indiana Bible College

North Texas Christian College

Northeast Christian College

Texas Bible College

Urshan College

Urshan Graduate School of Theology
Endorsed Ministries
Apostolic Chamber of Commerce
Center for Apostolic Counseling
Christian Service Training Institute
Compassion Services International
Impact Community

International Association of Apostolic Educators

Life in Focus Education
Lighthouse Ranch for Boys
National Apostolic Christian Leadership Conference
New Beginnings International Children’s & Family Services
Office of Education and Endorsement

Purpose Institute

Reach Out America

The Jesus Message
Tupelo Children’s Mansion

Global Missions

Associations in Missions (AIM)

Faith Promise

Global Association of Theological Studies (GATS)
Global ConNEXTions
Global Missions Main

Missionary Kids Ministries

Next Steps

Student Stories

Veterans of Global Missions

Ladies Ministries

Ladies Ministries Main

Ladies Prayer International

More to Life
Mother’s Memorial
Today’s Christian Girl

Women of Worth

Multicultural Ministries (Church Advancement)

African Immigrant Ministry
All Nations Sunday
Amish-Mennonite Ministry
Burmese Evangelism Ministry
Chinese Evangelism Ministry
Deaf Evangelism Ministry
Filipino Evangelism Ministry
French Evangelism Ministry
Global Tracts
Gypsy Evangelism Ministry
Haitian Evangelism Ministry
Intracultural Missionaries
Jewish Relations
Korean Evangelism Ministry
Middle Eastern Ministry
Multicultural Ministries Main
Multicultural Summit
Native American Ministry
Portuguese Evangelism Ministry
Refugee and International Students Evangelism Network
Slavic Evangelism Ministry
South Asian Ministry
Southeast Asian Ministry
United Nations Ministry

North American Missions

Christian Prisoner Fellowship
Christmas for Christ
Church in a Day
Friends of American Missions
Metro Missions
North American Missions Main

Pentecostal Heritage Society
Center for the Study of Oneness Pentecostalism

Order of the Faith

Pentecostal Heritage Society Main

Stewardship Group

Legacy Group
Life Springs
Life, Gift, & Estate Planning
Stewardship Group Main
United Pentecostal Foundation

Youth Ministries

Apostolic Youth Corps

Campus Ministry International

North American Youth Congress
Project 7 (P7)

Senior Bible Quizzing

Sheaves for Christ

Youth Ministries Main

Youth Ministry Training Event