The Outlook Gospel Lighthouse Inc. is a registered Canadian  Charity serving the town of Outlook, Saskatchewan and internationally online providing Apostolic and Christian services to one and all.

The Lighthouse was established in Outlook, SK on March 15, 1997.
Founded by Pastors – Rev. Donald and Mrs. Lois McQuinn and their two children, Mitchell and Victoria, the Lighthouse has seen many changes from the original family house meetings to the services now being held in this historic church building. With over 50 baptisms throughout Saskatchewan, the Lighthouse is experiencing steady, solid growth.
The Lighthouse is an Apostolic Pentecostal church whose purpose is to…

Exalt the Lord

Edify the Saints

Evangelize our Community.

Worship, the Word and Godly fellowship along with much prayer, fasting and intercession have been the backbone of this church.
Service after service the powerful presence of the Lord can be felt in this humble building as people worship freely, through singing, speaking in tongues, raising their hands, dancing, walking, leaping and all other forms of Biblical worship.
The Lighthouse also has a deep concern for those who are hurting and in pain; caring and compassion without judgement or condemnation has given folks the support and courage needed to completely surrender their lives to the Lord, and has lead to people being delivered from alcohol, drugs, and other immoral lifestyles.
The changes that Jesus has made in many lives has been beautiful and the testimonies are incredible.
If you would like to join the Lighthouse for a service and see and feel the glory of the Lord in action our services are held at:

402 Douglas Street

Outlook, SK

S0L 2N0

Service times are:

Sunday Morning: 10:30 am – Family Worship

Sunday 12:00 – Fellowship Dinner

Sunday 1:00 – Adult Sunday School.

If you have any questions about the Lighthouse please don’t hesitate to call pastor Don McQuinn: